Seymour Tech

Today, being computer literate is almost as essential as knowing how to read and write, and older adults are taking advantage of Seymour Tech's Computer and Personal Technology Classes offered at the Seymour Center. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking more advanced skills, there’s a class designed especially for you. Depending on the class you take, fees range from Free to $25. Classes are held in the spring and fall. Courses range from introduction to Microsoft programs to advanced photo editing and using your smartphone or tablet.

See or the Senior Times for a listing of all the courses and their scheduled dates and times. Courses vary from 2 to 16 hours. Each student works with a provided computer - or brings his/her own - and receives a comprehensive student guide. Experienced instructors, one for every three students, provide individual attention. You should expect to practice on a computer, smartphone or tablet at home - about one hour for each hour spent in class. If you have little or no computer experience, your first course should be Computer Fundamentals.

At the Seymour Center, seniors are fast catching up to their grandchildren and quickly learning to navigate the information highway.

The Seymour Center is a State of the Art facility for Active Adults.

Keeping up with constant changes in communication is an imperative.