Remittance Form

Because we deserve to enjoy this time, perhaps the best of all times for friends.  Since 1992 Friends has contributed hands-on work and money to make the center the focus of senior activities in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

Your support makes the difference in us having “Just a Place” and having a warm, inviting hub with lively events and interesting programs.  Join us in making the Seymour center the best it can be.


Please print the form below, fill it in, enclose check and mail it to: Friends of the Robert & Pearl Seymour Center, 2551
Homestead Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 


Enclosed is:        ___$250    ____$150    ____$100   _____$50 _____ $25 ______ Other

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My gift is given    ______in memory of  /in honor of_________________________         

Please notify the following that a gift has been made:

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      Thank you for your gift of support. Tax deductible gifts should be made payable to:

Friends of the Robert and Pearl Seymour Center, Inc.

2551 Homestead Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27516