A Message from Seymour Friends President

By Walt Mack, WCHL Commentary Dec. 21, 2012


If you need proof of just how easy it is now to acquire an automatic weapon,  read the local newspaper ads.  Recently an ad appeared that blatantly promoted the sale of automatic weapons and handguns—the kind that were used in the Newtown, Connecticut massacre.

Apparently the tragedy in Connecticut failed to connect with the local gun merchants who took out the ad or they would have had the common sense and decency to retract it.

Mass killings have become all too common, and we shudder to think that something like what happened at Sandy Hook could happen in Chapel Hill or Carrboro.  But it was only last May that a man shot and killed his estranged wife in front of the Scroggs elementary school in Southern Village.

Imagine what might have happened if that same man had decided to take out his wrath on the children inside the school that day. Thankfully it didn’t happen but it underscores the fact that no community, no matter how close-knit and how safe   is immune to such attacks.  All it takes is one demented  person with access to firearms.

The NRA continues to maintain that it’s not guns that kill, but the people who fire them.   That’s total nonsense.

It’s my fervent hope that the Newtown tragedy will galvanize our Congressmen into banning military style assault weapons.  So what are we waiting for?  Let’s get it done!